Get Out And Vote 2012 – Narrated by Doctor Reinaldo Austin produced by Michael F. Ellis A reminder to our nation that Elections and most importantly People matter, Get out and Vote for 2012 Sponsored by: MKEENT.COM, MKETV.COM, FWAAMPA.ORG, CBMMG.ORG and REGGAEINTHECAROLINAS.TV


Michael Ellis the owner and founder of “New Creation Records in Manhattan, New York (47 Charles Street)”, The creator of the word “Reggaeton” that means “Big Spanish Reggae Movement” promoted around the world…The genre of this music is Spanish Reggae, which means Reggae en Espanol. There has been a confusion for the longest, because my [...]


Cyber Media Kits

June 4, 2012

In the new digital age, the need to carry around tons of expensive and un-editable press kits is diminishing. Today FWAAMPA has begun exclusivley creating “Cyber Media Kits” for its members as always, we  stay ahead of the curve. This kits are easy editable, interactive and can be viewed on any computer. Examples are coming [...]

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